Open Mind – Closed Brain

Work in Progress…

An “Open mind” is often touted as the only way to greater enlightenment and true knowledge.  Simply “free your thoughts”…. “Let go” of conventional knowledge and constrained ideology and then the truth will be revealed

This is how all religions, conspiracy plots and even fad diets get you to stop using your brain.

An ancient technique or discovery is often revealed that current science simply denies.  “Open your mind to the possibilities”  imagine the glory that awaits you while others have missed this golden opportunity.

Critical thinking is what most people do throughout most of their daily lives.

To “open ones mind” in this respect simply means to close down the critical thinking device.  Close that part of your brain  in charge of keeping you alive and making the best possible choices.

Abandon all you know for now and just accept everything your told as true and unarguable.

Why do people have such a hard time with basic physics and math?   It must be the greatest downfall of the education system.   A simple understanding of just a few of the basics will lead you toward making better life decisions.


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