Moon Rise

After watching a video by Mrthriveandsurvive”  I had to respond with some corrections to his statements like  “this photo is just wrong!  a joke!  NASA is lying to us again” .

I don’t know why I watch these videos… Probably its in shear amazement how wrong some people can be and at the same time,  be so convinced they are correct.  Most all of the flat earth arguments are “from ignorance”  and are backed up with facts like ” i just don’t see how this can be”

I did a “screen grab” from his Part 2 video ( the nasa clip is actually an awesome  shot from lunar orbit) so that I could have a look at exactly what he was talking about.  As usual “Mr.TnS” was in a bit of lather about how the video could not be possible because the sizes were all wrong.  As if he had a clue what they should be like.  My point of this post is to reinforce the fact that you need to know “what it should look like” before you say what it shouldn’t.  Perspective is easily misjudged and you need to know all the conditions of the picture before you can judge it as “faked”.

So here is the Photo from Lunar orbit looking at the Earth…


You can see the YouTube bar (time)and his cursor on the screen.

I added: some yellow lines so I could measure the curvature of the moon and calculate the apparent drop across the picture width, A dot near the top to represent the sun and what it would look like if it were in the same photo – ( it’s well above the picture in this shot),  A red circle around the Earth to get an estimated pixel diameter, and the white text in the upper left to summarize what conditions were required for the photo to be correct.

And there it is.  Nothing wrong at all.  I don’t have info on the camera lens used on the orbiter so I had to estimate using the earth.  same with the orbital height.. just an assumption.  But with those two factors assumed …there is nothing to suggest this photo is anything but authentic.  This is EXACTLY what you would expect to see.

Now, I want to reverse the perspective and doctor up the same photo to show the moon would appear using the same camera orbiting at the same height above the earth. This will show hopefully show the size comparison using the same settings.


And there it is!  See that tiny half moon where the half earth used to be?  This is your size comparison under identical conditions. Not hard to imagine the shadow curve that the blue earth might strike on the moon from this point of view.


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