This blog is an attempt to help educate the misinformed.  I hate bad Ideas – yet I see them floating around everywhere and then passed off as ” the truth”.   Before this wonder that is the internet, bad ideas were hard to spread. It happened, but now… it’s not so hard.

A  civilization gets smarter at a rate in some way proportional to the speed at which scientific knowledge can be shared and understood.  That’s how we, as human beings became “smart”.   You don’t discover how to read –  you are taught how to read.   The spread of information was slow at first..  Legend, word of mouth, camels passsing on the truth from  desert tribes to desert tribe. An archaic, plodding and inaccurate way for information to be disseminated.   Books, Jet planes and radio waves are much faster and less prone to loss of fidelity – and this was a giant leap in progress.  But.. Web pages, blogs and the internet – a comparative rocket science, are lighting fast.   They are fast and now virtually hold the entire repository of all  humanity’s knowledge.   It is a fabulous time to be alive.  We, as a species,  have instant access to this vast electronic reservoir of “the entire knowledge of the entire human race at this moment”.

Thanks to our own ingenuity, (and the ingenuity of our ancestors)  earth is feeding more people, in better health, with less crime and more comfort than at any other point in its history.

Yet, still..   there are people who refuse to read the information that is available.  These people make simple assumptions about their reality that are totally unwarranted, incorrect and totally falsifiable.   They can easily and quickly be corrected by their peers but have no desire to listen to common sense.

It the rambling pages of this Blog site I hope to be able to correct but  a few people and steer them in the direction of better understanding.  Correcting false information is equivalent to (and as valuable as) spreading reality.
Originally,  I thought the fringe conspiracy group called  “Flat Earthers”  were simply lying trolls making every effort  to waste a sane persons time.   Then I realized – there were actually people who truly and sincerely believe this!

The title “Rounder”  is my acknowledgment that the earth is in fact a sphere and not a flat plane.  “3950” in the title, well that is the radius (in miles) of our planet Earth if measured from it’s center to the poles.

3963 -a number not mentioned yet, is the radius at the equator due to the extra 13 mile bulge caused by daily rotation.  This rotation creates a slight “reduction in gravity” The 1000 mph spin at the equator continuously wants to fling a large portion  of tropical mud into space,  yet the pull of gravity wants to crush the earth into a perfect ball.   This additional rotational acceleration is in the opposite direction of the acceleration due to gravity so it cancels out just a tiny  bit.   For the same reason, a a 300 pound internet  troll at the north pole will only weigh 299 lbs in Kenya. (no dieting required)

Science is a wonderful thing and the core understanding in most fields is not particularly difficult to grasp.  This is especially true when you have the entire knowledge of the human race at your finger tips.  Google it.  It is not complex.  You just have to be willing to look, learn and have decided its worth a few minutes effort.


Kirk Creelman


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